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Discover the rich history of Amelia Island

Isle of Eight Flags

The Timucuan natives were the first to inhabit these shores, calling the island Napoyca. However, it is the eight official flags that have claimed dominion over this barrier island which has given Amelia Island the moniker "Isle of Eight Flags". 

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Amelia Island Lighthouse - A Beacon of Hope

Few structures in Florida can boast a heritage as long and intriguing as the Amelia Island Lighthouse where its light can still be seen 16 miles out at sea. Learn more about the oldest existing lighthouse in the state of Florida. 

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Amelia Island's African American History

Take a look back and experience the depth of African-American history and heritage on our storied coast. 

Black History Month

Amelia Island Maritime Museum

If you are interested in maritime and military history, pirates and Spanish treasure fleets, make sure to visit the Maritime Museum located in historic, downtown Fernandina Beach.

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