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Amelia Island Spa & Wellness Travel Guide

Feel the healing properties of Amelia Island. It starts with an all-encompassing calm and ease you’ll recognize the moment you arrive. Explore a banquet of spa and wellness experiences designed to empower, inspire and restore. Say, “Namaste” in a Victorian garden at sunrise, or melt into pampering that wraps you in a lavender haze. From the hurry-free vibe to the guilt-free menus, Amelia Island has a way of making your spirit feel lighter. It must be an Island thing.

Wellness Itinerary

From sunup to sundown and beyond, Amelia Island holds a myriad of ways for you to feel good and "well". Let creativity be your guide in designing a getaway that celebrate good health — from spa treatments, to organic meals, to connecting with loved ones.

Be Well
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Girls Getaway - Itinerary

On Amelia, you're invited to fill your cup, reinvigorate your body, mind and spirit, and dare to try something new! And who better to relax and indulge in a special escape or reliving memories and making new ones — your besties!

Have Fun
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Oh Baby! Babymoon Itinerary

A list of must-haves for a babymoon must include: perfect weather for a stroll through town, beach views at an upscale and pet-friendly resort, delicious food (for those cravings and indulgences) and plenty of rest and relaxation. Amelia Island is the perfect fit for all of the above!

Oh Baby Baby!
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Spa & Wellness Directory

Find your zen with these featured partners in relaxation. Try yoga at sunrise, book an ocean-inspired spa treatment, or visit an island salon. Plan. Escape. Repeat.