No Limits Charters

No Limits Charters, LLC provides guided sightseeing tours of the inland marshes and estuaries of Cumberland Sound, GA/FL.  This area has an abundance of wildlife and marine life that inhabits the waters and marshes of Cumberland Island.  Possible observable wildlife includes alligators, dolphins, a diverse population of migratory birds, and the wild horses that call Cumberland Island their home.  We offer dolphin tours, birdwatching tours, ecotours, and general sightseeing charters in St. Marys, GA as well as Amelia Island.

In 2002, I became an above knee amputee as a result of a bone infection in my left knee.  Despite being confronted with physical  challenges, I have continued to participate in water sports, & outdoor activities.  As an amputee, I have enjoyed waterskiing and fishing.  Since the amputation, I have also competed for 3 years in the FOM National Bass Tournament Trail, & as a sponsored athlete in adaptive rowing events with Brooks in Jacksonville, FL.  I founded No Limits Charters, LLC in hope of introducing people to the outdoors in my area & all it has to offer.  “No Limits” was chosen as the name of the charter service as a testament to how I approach life.

All tours are guided by me, Capt. Diane Pollock.  I am licensed by the USCG and fully insured.  I have operated charters in the area since 2011.




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