Egans Creek Park

Egans Creek Park is 300 acres of unspoiled nature located right on the Egans Creek river and offering a network of trails suitable for walking and bicycling. There is a Nature Pavilion at the entrance to the greenway on Atlantic Avenue featuring exercise equipment, a playground and fishing from the pier – plus a great place for a picnic lunch!  Pathways and fishing dock within the Nature Pavilion are designed for travel accessabilty.

There are four access points to trailheads at:

  • Atlantic Recreation Center
  • Jasmine Street
  • Citrona Drive
  • Sadler Road behind the Residence Inn
  • Key Details
  • Hours of Operation:
  • MON: 24 Hours
  • TUE: 24 Hours
  • WED: 24 Hours
  • THU: 24 Hours
  • FRI: 24 Hours
  • SAT: 24 Hours
  • SUN: 24 Hours



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November 06, 2023

A place for locals, maybe. Travelers? Nope.

The photos posted here on TripAdvisor grossly exaggerate this "rest area" of a park. Unless we missed something, there is only one pier with an attached kayak launch area available to park goers. The piers off to the left (one with a flag) are owned by private residents. During our visit, we saw a lone fisherman and one bird. Seems like a good place to walk your dog or read a book if that's your thing. We left disappointed. Sorry.

June 13, 2022

Great space to exercise and walk

Has a very nice walking track, exercise stations, and you can get nice sunrise pics over the marsh once the sun is high enough.

March 14, 2022

Great place to hike

Great place to hike with abundant wildlife! My husband and I parked at the Atlantic Recreation Center and hiked the northern part of the park in the morning, had lunch at Salt Life, then parked in the Residence Inn parking lot on Sadler Road and hiked the southern part of the park in the afternoon. We saw alligators, anhingas, egrets, herons, and many other beautiful birds, but not too many people. This is an amazing place to spend the day outdoors.

February 23, 2022

Great place to hike

Soent two different mornings and hiked all the trails. Easy hikes but beautiful and so much wildlife. Both the printed map and the maps at the trailheads are easy tor ead and accurate, trails are well marked and parking for each trailhead I used was plentiful.

February 20, 2022

A Gem of a Park

This Is a gem of a park. We found it on the way to the Light House. It was hard to find parking, but not overcrowded.. There is a dock suitable for bird watching, for fishing. A nice obstacle gym and walking trail.