Baxter's Restaurant

Baxter’s Restaurant offers exquisite continental cuisine, the best steaks in town (certified Angus Beef), great fresh seafood, a fine wine selection, and friendly neighborhood bar.

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  • Price Range: $$
  • Meals: Dinner
  • Hours of Operation:
  • MON: 5:00 PM - 10:00 PM
  • TUE: 5:00 PM - 10:00 PM
  • WED: 5:00 PM - 10:00 PM
  • THU: 5:00 PM - 10:00 PM
  • FRI: 5:00 PM - 10:00 PM
  • SAT: 5:00 PM - 10:00 PM
  • SUN: 5:00 PM - 10:00 PM


Meetings at Baxter's Restaurant

Baxter's Restaurant offers exquisite continental cuisine, the best steaks in town (certified Angus Beef), great fresh seafood, a fine wine selection, and friendly neighborhood bar.

Key Details:
  • Max Attendees: 400



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July 15, 2023

Okay Food, Large Variety, Expensive

My steak was okay, but I didn’t grade it topnotch. My family members had assorted dishes and gave positive reviews. The seafood seems to be their strength. We had a hefty bill for a party of nine. Service was okay, the decor was really nice in the restaurant.

June 08, 2023


Wow, what a terrrible experience.

In town for a convention looking for a spot for dinner, this place was recommended. Because I was traveling alone, the initial hostess suggested sitting at the bar counter to be served dinner and I agreed.

Unbeknownst to me, another customer had apparently JUST LEFT after complaining about the bar staff and service.
This is important because for at least the next 45-50 minutes both bar servers spent the entire time griping about it, not only to each other, but to other customers in the bar (seeking affirmation that they'd each been somehow "wronged").

Meanwhile, most of the business ceases for the remaining customers and their orders go on hold while we deal -- over and over again -- with the emotional and exaggerated "crisis".

At one point, it appeared the prior customer called in, asking to speak to the manager. Instead, both bar staff put the caller on speaker phone and allowed numerous patrons to hear the conversation -- without notifiying the caller or obtaining his consent. the younger of the two, who appears to be in her early 20's at most, was egging the caller on, for the (apparent) entertainment of the listening bar patrons. The older one, appearing to be in her 50's, really should know better. Meanwhile, no one is serving food or drinks. In a restaurant and bar. No....we need to deal with the DRAMA full time.

My reading of Florida law is this is at best inappropriate and at worst possibly ILLEGAL conduct by the wait staff, as Florida requires the consent of all parties to a call to be recorded or intercepted.

Because my food order became a tertiary issue (the primary being griping about the previous guy, the secondary being entertaining the regulars with how "wronged" they were) the food was terrrible, including a flat draft beer.

In fairness, the salad before dinner was good, and I did get a glass of water. This CONCLUDES the positive aspects of the meal.

I am certain that once prepared, my dinner order sat in the kitchen cooling off, while we were waiting for BOTH bar server's histrionics to subside.
I overheard this immature pair mention that the owner was out of town and may be a Canadian. If so, I hope this is brought to your attention, and that you might seek employees who are interested in their jobs and attentive to the customers -- and less interested in a Jerry Springer show performance.

I know the first names of both bar servers -- and merely as a courtesy -- I will not mention them here. However, neither is worthy of continued employment, in my view.

June 05, 2023

Don’t waste your money

We arrived at 7 ordered drinks and 1 app while we waited for everyone to arrive got the app one hour later kitchen”lost the ticket” our meals when we got them at 9 where inedible ordered steak at a steak house was not cooked correctly sent it back it was brought out raw. We asked to have it taken off the bill. Waitress then came out said everyone’s order was confusing and asked to split the bill 4 ways which meant we paid 104 for a burger that was over done and a meal I never ate. Omni resort recommended this restaurant and we will be talking to the concierge about our horrible experience.

May 18, 2023


Wonderful! 6 of us between steak and seafood. Everyone enjoyed the food immensely. Carrot cake and key lime pie was great, too. Owner chatted with us. Very friendly. Nice atmosphere. Steaks and lobster done to perfection. Don't know where the bad reviews come from. We took a chance and glad we did.

April 09, 2023

Just average

Overall average food . Food tasted like Applebee’s. Service was good. The restaurant was in need of cleaning . Tables were cramp .