Amelia Island Ghost Tours

Experience the many secrets of Amelia Island. Her past is laced with the history of piracy, plunder and death.  Many still roam the streets at night.

Paranormal activity is captured almost nightly on camera. Come experience a walking tour of Fernandina Beach downtown at night and bring a camera! We’ll provide the bug spray. Our final destination is the cemetery. No recording.

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October 22, 2023

Amazing Night

Colleen guided our Ghost tour. She gave us a briefing on what to expect during the tour. She handed out magnetic field detectors and explained its use and what the readings mean. Colleen has extensive knowledge of her subject matter. She shows a passion that made our tour very interesting and fun. We met in the parking lot behind Pineland Bank. It’s easy to find and plenty of parking. The tour can cover up to a mile. Walking with only a lantern for light made it spookier. She showed us how to see the apparitions in the windows of houses thought to be haunted in our photos. We also walked through a haunted graveyard. While we were in the graveyard, Colleen turned off the lantern, making it completely dark. I took several photos in the dark. It amazed me what showed up in the photos. The houses take on a darker persona at night. Colleen told us the story of the elderly woman who tied herself to a tree to prevent it from being cut down. She saved the tree, and now it stands in a center island on the street. This is a tour I would recommend to family and friends.

July 17, 2023

Excellent Toyr

Diane's tour was fun and educational! We learned a ton about the history of the area and many of the buildings there, but I also captured some interest things on camera and video that could not be explained! I would definitely go back again!

July 18, 2021

Amelia Island Ghost Tour is great fun.

I have gone on the Amelia Island Ghost Tour 4 or more times. I just love it. Diane has an amazing knowledge of the area and the haunted homes. It is fascinating. How she can remember all the history is beyond me but she has been hosting these tours for so many years, she is definitely a pro. She even has pictures of ghosts she has seen while giving the tours.
I have taken family, friends and groups with me over the years and all have been so impressed.
The cemetery walk is great too. She has a reverent attitude while there.
The community has known her for years and respect her abilities and knowledge.
Take the tour and bring a camera, you will love it!
I am close, I live in Jacksonville so I can go over and over again.

July 02, 2021

Diane- exceptional ghost tour

Diane is very knowledgeable about the historical homes & the families that lived there long ago!
She knows history of island & tells stories with great enthusiasm!
I've taken her tour several times & have thoroughly enjoyed myself each time!

July 01, 2021

Best ghost tour

We love doing ghost tours everywhere we travel for business and vacations.
This tour is one of the best we’ve taken. Diane went to school here and knows the history. She’s also gifted, as she feels spirits and hears them too. Her photos she shares are truly amazing. She even has photos of ghosts during the day.
We spoke with several homeowners during our tour and they shared stories of their ghosts with us all.
We can’t wait to come back and bring our family and do this tour again.