Costume Ideas


Victorian Hats:  Top hats, pork pie caps, flat/wide brimmed hats, round top hat with curved brim, etc.

Shirts:  Plain white shirts with collar turned up or with ribbon, scarf or cravat tied in a knot at the neck.

Vest:  Brocade or silk with or without a jacket.  Long-tailed jackets and even capes are acceptable.

Pants:  Roll up wool, corduroy, cotton pants in black, tan, burgandy or grey color with rubber band in the last roll below the knee to give a knickers effect.  Wear knickers if you have them or wear long dark socks and pull them up to tuck under pants.

Accessories:  Suspenders, walking sticks, canes, spectacles.

Shoes:  Black or dark-colored dress shoes.


Victorian Hats:  Bonnets, cover a straw or felt hat with lace, flowers, feathers, ribbons and bows.  Domestic servants wore mop caps in the Victorian era.

Hair:  Curls, pulled back in a bun, braids.

Dresses:  Floor-length taffeta, satin, brocade, silk and similar style dresses are perfect for these costumes.  Lace and ruffles at the neck and cuffs (you can pin, iron-on, sew or Velcro lace, ribbons, flowers or ruffles on any outfit.

Tops: Plain white or solid color ladies dress shirts with lace, ruffle, ribbon and flowers.  You can tie a thin piece of ribbon in a bow and pin/tie it at the neck with a brooch or artificial flower.  

Gloves: Lace, crocheted, satin and cotton.  

Skirt:  Floor or ankle-length skirts in silk, brocade, velvet, satin or cotton.  Most colors and some subtle designs (such as paisley.  If the skirt is full, you can add a petticoat or hoop skirt under it.  Wide ribbon or matching material tied around the waist with a bow in the back creates the look of a cumberbund.

Shoes:  If you have a floor-length gown, wear a comfortable walking shoe.  If your shoes will show, pointy-toed flats or boots. 

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