Island Weather


With abundant sunshine and mild temperatures year round, it's always a perfect time to visit Amelia Island. 

Spring brings plentiful blue skies and breezy days with average high temperatures in the 70s, allowing excellent biking or hiking along the island's numerous trails. Summer offers warmer daytime temperatures with nice sea breezes for that much-needed beach day, complete with a refreshing swim in the Atlantic. The island experiences nice changes in Autumn as rainfall decreases and average temperatures decline, perfect for an afternoon kayak outing along the Intracoastal Waterway. Winter on Amelia Island is usually characterized by drier, crisp air and comfortable weather that is just right for walks on the beach, a round or two of golf, or spotting wildlife.

Average Highs / Lows
January 63° / 44°
February 65° / 46°
March 71° / 52°
April 77° / 59°
May 83° / 66°
June 87° / 72°
July 90° / 74°
August 89° / 74°
September 85° / 72
October 79° / 64°
November 72° / 55°
December 65° / 48°


Located just off the coast of northeast Florida, Amelia Island is easy to reach, but hard to forget. With 13 miles of beautiful beaches, abundant native wildlife, and pristine waters, this barrier island has long been a beloved destination for visitors and residents alike.