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Timucuan Ecological and Historic Preserve, Located 9 miles down Amelia’s coastal route A1A, FL
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About EcoMotion Tours

EcoMotion Tours has been providing daily guided excursions in the Park for over 12 years. You can choose to take a grounds tour of historic Kingsley Plantation or embark on an easy-paced nature hike that trails from the woods to the shore.  Each excursion lasts approximately 1.5 hours, and is appropriate for all ages. Check our website for schedules, pricing, and registration details.

Kingsley Plantation is a famous plantation from Spanish Colonial times. It features many original structures, hand-made from oyster shells taken from pre-historic Indian shell mounds. Guests have the unique opportunity to explore this early 1800’s waterfront site. Enjoy a natural ecosystem where turtles dig, dolphins swim, and seabirds soar. Photograph one of the last unspoiled expanses of wetlands remaining on the Atlantic Coast.

EcoMotion Tours is proudly authorized by the National Park Service.  

“…I was especially happy with the educational emphasis of the tour – that our leader wanted 
us to learn, understand, and appreciate where we were historically, culturally, and ecologically”

“…What a fabulous, sensory experience – the salty air, the aroma of so many cedar trees, 
the colors of floating butterflies, and texture of the oyster-shell structures…”

“…The tour leaders were our link to the past and present of this ancient site….they were 
great answering all our questions and tuning into our interests, letting us know it was “your tour”


Hours: Call (904) 251-9477 to arrange.

Special Offers

  • Amelia Island Value Card - 20% off Eco-Historic Tours of National Park Timucuan Ecological and Historic Preserve and Kingsley Plantation.

About Amelia Island

Located just off the coast of northeast Florida, Amelia Island is easy to reach, but hard to forget. With 13 miles of beautiful beaches, abundant native wildlife, and pristine waters, this barrier island has long been a beloved destination for visitors and residents alike.