Beach Info

County beach restrictions:
  • Open daily, 6a.m. - 9p.m. 
  • Nassau County residents' vehicles may access designated areas (Peters Point and Lewis Street only) from 8a.m. - 9p.m.
  • No commercial or group sports activities
  • No alcohol
  • No camping between 9p.m. - 8a.m.
Leave No Trace 
To keep Amelia Island beautiful, we ask you to follow one simple rule:  anything you bring to the beach should also leave with you.  Any items left on the beach overnight may be considered discarded and could be removed by the time you return.  Enjoy the beach but "Leave No Trace" - please keep our legendary beach alive and well.  

The Leave No Trace Beach Ordinance is an island-wide requirement for visitors to remove items or move them to designated storage areas before 8pm.  You can read the full ordinance HERE.  

Rules for Turtle Season
It's also important to respect the natural habitat of plants and wildlife along our shores, from using dune walkovers to not disturbing marked sea turtle nests.  Sea Turtle nesting season is May 1 through October 31, requiring extra care to avoid disturbing Sea Turtle hatching. 
  • Clean up:  food items can attract foxes and raccoons that prey on turtle eggs
  • Make way:  Sandcastles, grill and chairs pose obstacles too large for turtles to go around
  • Fill in:  Nesting mother turtles and their hatchlings can easily fall in holes and become trapped
  • Turn off:  For beachfront homes and lodging, keeping shades drawn and lights dim prevents turtles from losing their way (P.S. It's the law)
  • Look on:  If you see a hatchling, look but don't touch.  Join a nest excavation with the Amelia Island Sea Turtle Watch
For more information about Amelia Island beaches, click HERE

Located just off the coast of northeast Florida, Amelia Island is easy to reach, but hard to forget. With 13 miles of beautiful beaches, abundant native wildlife, and pristine waters, this barrier island has long been a beloved destination for visitors and residents alike.