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March 30, 2022
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They say "A picture is worth a thousand words" and when it comes to Amelia Island, it's true. This historic barrier island has had too many moments to count in front of the camera lens. Whether it's on the shores of boneyard beach, with Peg Leg Pete, or "anchored" in front of the marina, there's really no bad place to focus and shoot.

So, even though we're positive you will be able to find many instagram-worthy shots on your own, we're making it even easier for you. Take a look at eleven of our more photographed "instaspots" on the island (you can view more here) and then visit them all and use #LoveAmelia when posting to make sure we see it.

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1. Love Is All You Need

Located downtown and just slightly off the beaten path is Wicked Bao where you can dine on authentic Asian street food like pot stickers, spring rolls and their namesake Baos. Literally everything here is delicious so we can't pick a favorite but we will suggest eating on the outdoor deck and taking a selfie next to the #lovewall. It's groovy.

2. Get Your Wings

A lovely new mural painted on the side of The Beauty Bar in downtown Fernandina Beach, is quickly becoming a hit on social media sites. Thanks to local artist and live painter, Brian Barnard, folks can earn their wings without having to leave the island! Thanks Brian. We love it!

3. Anchor's Away

If you're heading to the downtown docks or Brett's Waterway Cafe, chances are you've climbed on the anchor that sits in front of the harbor. The large anchor, which represents Amelia Island's maritime history, was dedicated to the port in 1962 and has become an excellent photo opportunity over the years.

4. Skeletons in the Sand 

Boneyard Beach (just over the south end bridge on Big Talbot Island) appropriately gets it's name from all of the whitewashed and bleached live oak "skeletons" scattered all along the beach. Athough the name sounds menacing, I promise that more proposals, family portraits and weddings have taken place on and around those "bones" making it one of the areas most photographed and best kept secrets - until now.   

5. Fly to "The Pelican

Salty Pelican Bar & Grill is a popular downtown dining spot to enjoy good food, tasty cocktails and amazing sunsets over the river. However, sitting squarely in the middle of the entrance is the mascot for whom the restaurant is named. Yep, this pelican has worn beads, boas, hats and scarves depending on the season, and is always ready for a party. 

6. Buccaneers and Brews

The Palace Saloon is Florida's oldest bar and quite possibly the most photographed establishment on the inside. However, it's the ever present swashbuckling pirate standing guard just outside the doors that garners the most camera snaps. 

7. Butterflies Are Free to Fly 

The iconic butterfly wall and garden on the east side of the old downtown Train Depot (Welcome Center) has had alot of camera time. Folks can pose with the monochromatic 3-D butterflies that seem to pop right out of the wall or with the real thing flying around the plants that attract them. If you like butterflies, this should definitely be a stop for you.

8. Bucket List Check-Off

How many "things" do you want to see and do before you, well, can't see or do them anymore? That's a loaded question. Enter the "Before I Die" wall located on the side of Cafe Karibo where folks have been writing, erasing and writing some more for years.  

9. It Was Always Sunset

People will plan an entire day around getting to just the right spot in time to watch the sun set. And on Amelia Island, it's pretty iconic. There have been songs and poems written about the sun setting here and whether captured over the beach, over the marsh or over the river, one thing is for sure ... it's the perfect ending to a perfect day.

10. Peg Leg Pete

I guess you can tell we like our pirates here. We like them so much we name our boats, streets, and even our local school's mascot after them. We also enjoy putting them on display for all to see and love, too. Meet Peg Leg Pete, a staple at the foot of Centre Street since 1978. He's been shipped off twice to get "freshened up" but he always returns to watch over downtown and remains the most photographed icon in the City of Fernandina Beach.

11. Be Kind

While you are discovering Amelia Island, find the traveling #BeKindAmelia mural and share your Insta-worthy picture and memories on social to support #BeKindAmelia. For the entire month of July, the artwork will be in DOWNTOWN FERNANDINA BEACH. Check here to see just where the mural will be when you're visiting! 
Visit Amelia Island and get ready to "capture" our colorful history, unique beauty, and unforgettable experiences.

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Located just off the coast of northeast Florida, Amelia Island is easy to reach, but hard to forget. With 13 miles of beautiful beaches, abundant native wildlife, and pristine waters, this barrier island has long been a beloved destination for visitors and residents alike.